SAFE Commends White House EV Target Announcement, Calls For Action Across Supply Chain To Match

Washington D.C.—In response to President Biden’s announcement of a target of 40-50 percent electric vehicle sales share in 2030, SAFE President and CEO Robbie Diamond and Abigail Wulf, SAFE’s Director of Critical Minerals Strategy, made the following statements:

Robbie Diamond, President and CEO of SAFE, said: “Transportation is going electric, and the White House rightly recognizes what must be done for the United States to maintain its leadership in automotive innovation. This announcement lays out what we need to do to compete with China for EV and battery leadership, and make sure the jobs of this electric future are based here.”

“This positive step forward must be backed up by continued investments across the entire U.S. EV supply chain, from minerals to markets, to make sure these vehicles are made in the United States. That means developing our critical minerals resources, manufacturing more batteries, accelerating the development of medium- and heavy-duty EVs and building charging infrastructure, among much more. This goal is achievable if everyone pulls in the same direction.”

Abigail Wulf, Director of Critical Minerals Strategy at SAFE, said: “To achieve the White House goal, the United States will have to invest in its own critical mineral supply chain – from mining and processing to recycling and reclamation. We cannot rely on China for the minerals that would help us compete with them for global EV leadership.

“To hit the White House target, we must make sure no stone is unturned to meet these critical mineral needs responsibly and in a way that frees us from our reliance upon China as we compete for EV leadership. We must leverage existing mine waste, invest in recycling, and bring new mineral production online, including examining the potential for resources along the seafloor.”

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