WEBINAR: Clear Skies, Quiet Nights: How Autonomous Vehicle Technology Can Reduce Urban Air and Noise Pollution

Graphic rendering of connected AVs on a city street.

SAFE’s Center for Automated Transportation Technology held a thought-provoking webinar for the release of new research on the intersection of transportation technology, urban pollution, and quality of life in disadvantaged communities. “Clear Skies, Quiet Nights: How Autonomous Vehicle Technology Can Reduce Urban Air and Noise Pollution” explores the profound impact of air and noise pollution […]

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WEBINAR: Grid in Peril: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Nation’s Power Grid

The United States’ electric power grid continues to experience significant risks that threaten its ability to provide reliable and resilient electric power. This essential infrastructure faces a confluence of current and emerging challenges:  Demand is increasing as the United States grows and reindustrializes its economy while rapidly electrifying the vehicle fleet.  Incremental transmission capacity is […]

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WEBINAR: Minerals and Materials List-O-Mania

Minerals and materials are essential to many of society’s most important technological innovations: From semiconductors to solar panels and from smart phones to smart bombs. As the world becomes increasingly digital, connected, and electric, it will need additional supplies of these critical commodities to meet rising demand and to support countries’ economic competitiveness and national […]

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WEBINAR: Leading the Charge: What Innovation and the IRA Could Mean for Leadership in Advanced Battery Tech

The United States is in a competition for the ownership of advanced energy technologies that will fuel the future—and batteries are central to its efforts. The hundreds of billions of dollars spent and pledged by governments and automakers on non-petroleum fuels have made a transition to electric vehicles and renewable sources of energy a certainty. […]

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