92% OF AMERICA’S TRANSPORTATION SECTOR IS MONOPOLIZED BY A SINGLE FUEL - OIL. This exposes our country’s economic and national security to a volatile and easily manipulated global oil market. America must address its overwhelming reliance on oil.


SAFE enhances the nation’s energy security and supports our economic resurgence and resiliency, by advancing transformative transportation and mobility technologies and ensuring that the United States secures key aspects of the technology supply chain to achieve and maintain our strategic advantage.

In partnership with the Electrification Coalition, SAFE’s sister organization, we work with consumers, businesses, and policymakers, to launch award-winning “real-world” programs and enable the needed polices to accelerate transportation electrification around the country to reduce our Nation’s dependence on oil.


SAFE unites prominent military and business leaders to develop and advocate for policies that improve America’s energy security by significantly curtailing our dependence on oil and promoting responsible use of our domestic energy resources. SAFE relies on the knowledge and experience of four-star retired military officers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and its expert staff to produce high-quality, fact based analysis and policy recommendations for lawmakers, regulatory agencies, and the public.

Armed with a deep understanding of the issues, SAFE leads the conversation on energy and transportation policy with the goal of bolstering America’s economic and national security. Agile and multidisciplinary, SAFE maintains a strategic ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving energy and transportation landscape with real-time, up-to-date analysis and recommendations.


  • SAFE Makes its Public Launch

    SAFE Makes its Public Launch

    Oil ShockWave is SAFE’s groundbreaking energy crisis simulation. This fast-paced exercise features a cutting-edge graphics package and sophisticated modeling delivered in a life-like environment. As… [...]


  • SAFE joins with the Energy Security Leadership Council

    SAFE joins with the Energy Security Leadership Council

    In 2006, SAFE joined with General P.X. Kelley (Ret.), 28th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, and Frederick W. Smith, Chairman, President, and CEO of… [...]


  • Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

    Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

    The credibility and expertise of leaders and the quality of the policy material they presented a major role in the drafting and passage of the… [...]


  • SAFE launched the Electrification Coalition

    SAFE launched the Electrification Coalition

    In 2009, SAFE launched the Electrification Coalition, which brought together business leaders representing the entire value chain of an electrified transportation sector, with the release… [...]


  • SAFE Electrification Roadmap

    SAFE Electrification Roadmap

    The Electrification Roadmap examines the challenges facing electrification, including battery technology and cost, infrastructure financing, regulatory requirements, electric power sector interface, and consumer acceptance issues.… [...]


  • National Summit on Energy Security

    National Summit on Energy Security

    In 2011 SAFE held the National Summit on Energy Security which brought together military leaders, CEOs, and policymakers to address the threats posed by our… [...]


  • OPEC Oil Embargo +40:

    OPEC Oil Embargo +40:

    In 2013 SAFE held OPEC Oil Embargo +40: A National Summit on Energy Security. The summit convened prominent figures, including Dr. Henry Kissinger, Leon Panetta,… [...]


  • National Strategy for Energy Security: The Innovation Revolution

    National Strategy for Energy Security: The Innovation Revolution

    In 2016, SAFE and the ESLC launched The National Strategy for Energy Security: The Innovation Revolution, a comprehensive strategy that offers a range of solutions… [...]


  • America’s Workforce and the Self-Driving Future

    America’s Workforce and the Self-Driving Future

    In 2018, SAFE released America’s Workforce and the Self-Driving Future, an in-depth, nuanced study of the impacts of widespread autonomous vehicle deployment on the U.S.… [...]




Founder, President and CEO

Robbie Diamond is the Founder, President and CEO of Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE). In 2006, he came together with Frederick W. Smith, Chairman, President, and CEO of FedEx Corporation, and General P.X. Kelley, USMC (Ret.), 28th Commandant of the Marine Corps, to form SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Council, a group of prominent business leaders and retired senior military officers dedicated to combating the nation’s dangerous dependence on oil. Since then, SAFE and the ESLC have been at the forefront of the energy policy debate, successfully helping to shape legislation in 2007 and shepherd a new, comprehensive energy bill through the Senate Energy Committee in 2009.

Jeffrey Jeb Nadaner

Executive Vice President, Government & Public Affairs

Jeffrey Jeb Nadaner is the Executive Vice President of Government & Public Affairs at SAFE and the Executive Director of SAFE’s Commanding Heights of Global Transportation.

He has served in key positions in Republican and Democratic administrations, including for several Secretaries of Defense and State, and Attorneys General.  As Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy, he played a leading role in Congressional passage of the CHIPS Act.

Earlier in his career, he was the Lockheed Martin Vice President of Corporate Engineering & Technology, JINSA Executive Vice President of Government Affairs, Director of the USMC Krulak Center of Innovation, and founder of the successful start-up, Straight Trading.

He earned his Ph.D. at Yale University, J.D. at the University of Pennsylvania, and B.A. at Duke University.

Jackie Burman

Vice President, Operations and Finance

Jackie Burman is the Vice President of Operations and Finance at Securing America’s Future Energy. In this role, Jackie works closely with the CEO and Vice President of Development to develop foundation and individual solicitation and engagement strategies for SAFE.

Prior to joining SAFE, Ms. Burman spent more than 4 years in Cape Town, South Africa where she assisted a wide range of non-profit organizations in reaching their funding goals. During her time abroad, she also helped create a fundraising academy to provide young adults with the skills necessary to begin careers in development. She worked in both marketing and fundraising in DC before this.

Ms. Burman holds a Bachelor of Art’s Degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and Masters’ degrees in business administration and Jewish Communal Service from Brandeis University.

Gourang Wakade

Vice President of Development

Gourang Wakade is the Vice President of Development for SAFE. Prior to joining SAFE, Gourang was the Vice President of Strategic Development, Membership and Events. Gourang is an experienced fundraiser with experience in raising funds for complex and demanding projects across a variety of industries including the non-profit, corporate and financial, higher education and events sectors.

Alyssa Siddiqui

Managing Director of Corporate Engagements

Alyssa Siddiqui is Managing Director of Corporate Relations at Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE). She is responsible for identifying and implementing innovative strategies to enhance SAFE’s profile, expand its donor base, and develop new opportunities for engagement and growth.

Alyssa joined SAFE after over a decade at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, most recently as the Senior Director of Corporate Relations, where she led the strategy and execution of an integrated fundraising plan to achieve an annual revenue goal of over $9 million. She managed high-level corporate recruitment of new members, expanded relationships with existing clients and key stakeholders and launched the Let’s Rebuild America infrastructure initiative. Alyssa also oversaw the U.S. Chamber’s largest signature event, The Aviation Summit, held annually in Washington, DC which attracted over 900 attendees and participants, including top CEOs and industry leaders.

Alyssa began her career at the National Park Foundation working on the capital campaign for the Flight 93 National Memorial Fund. She graduated from Colby College with a Bachelors of Science in Government. She is a member of the Advisory Council, German American Aviation Heritage Foundation.

Abigail Wulf

Director of the Ambassador Alfred Hoffman, Jr. Center for Critical Minerals Strategy

Abigail Wulf is the Director of the Ambassador Alfred Hoffman, Jr. Center for Critical Minerals Strategy at SAFE. Abigail brings broad Earth science expertise to the Center, from researching rare earth- and lithium-rich pegmatites to working with NASA researchers to convey the connections between Earth’s component systems. She previously served as Senior Science Communicator for Research within NASA’s Earth Science Division. She also served as Policy Manager for the American Geosciences Institute, a nonpartisan federation of more than 50 professional scientific societies. While at AGI, Abigail co-led the Minerals Science and Information Coalition, a broad-based alliance of organizations representing all stages of the critical minerals supply chain.

Alisyn Malek

Executive Director, The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility

Jeffrey Gerlach

Director, Transportation Policy and Strategic Content

Jeff Gerlach is a Senior Policy Analyst at Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), where he supports the research, writing, and content development of SAFE’s policy team. Prior to joining SAFE, Jeff worked at a management consulting firm, where he supported the Department of Energy’s Office of Petroleum Reserves and Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability. He previously interned and consulted for SAFE in 2013, contributing to the Oil Security Index and the Commission on Energy and Geopolitics’ Oil Security 2025. Additionally, he worked on multiple political campaigns in Minnesota and completed a year of service in AmeriCorps.

Mr. Gerlach received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Anthropology from the University of St. Thomas in 2011 and his Master of Public Policy from the University of Chicago in 2014.

Alex Hutkin

Director of Government Relations

Over the past 8 years, Alexander has worked with Congressional leadership on both sides of the aisle to introduce, negotiate, and pass bipartisan laws. Alexander’s areas of policy expertise include technology, transportation, foreign policy, intelligence, defense, and homeland security.

As Legislative Director, Alexander ensured Rep. Steve Russell became one of the most prolific and effective lawmakers in his Freshman class. As a result, Rep. Russell is currently ranked the #4 most effective legislator (out of a peer group of 59 Representatives newly elected in 2014). Alexander has facilitated the Congressman’s introduction of 37 bills (149% above peer group), of which 9 bills passed the House (176% above peer group) and 4 bills were signed into law (408% above peer group).

As Dep. Chief of Staff, Alexander leveraged deep knowledge of political leadership dynamics to propel Rep. Russell into the chairmanship of the National Security Subcommittee, and secured the Congressman’s status as the presumptive Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee at the conclusion of the current leader’s term—a rare honor for such a junior lawmaker.

Ladeene Freimuth

Senior Advisor, Grid Security Project

Peter Flory

Senior Fellow

A former senior Pentagon official, Peter has advised the Defense Department, U.S. Navy, and private industry on topics ranging from semiconductors — including development of the 2020 CHIPS Act — to management and organization, and strategy toward China.  He previously served as an Assistant Secretary of Defense, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment, and Special Counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and worked in industry as Vice President, International for QinetiQ North America.  Peter holds a J.D. from Georgetown and an Honors B.A. from McGill University.

Ron Minsk

Head of Policy

Bridget Dunn

Director of Communications

Thayer Scott

Senior Fellow

Thayer Scott is a writer and consultant focusing on national security-related policy, technology, and energy issues.  Previously he worked in communications and government affairs positions for The Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin. From 2004 to 2011 he served in the U.S. Department of Defense, the last four years as Chief Speechwriter for Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Earlier he was communications director for the International Republican Institute, an independent organization promoting democratic governance overseas. Mr. Scott has a B.A. from Princeton University and a M.S. from University of California-Berkeley. After college he served on active duty in the U.S. Army as a Field Artillery officer.

Martez Taylor

Executive Assistant

Danielle Woodring

Manager, Ambassador Alfred Hoffman, Jr. Center for Critical Minerals Strategy

Danielle Woodring is the Manager of the Ambassador Alfred Hoffman, Jr. Center for Critical Minerals Strategy at SAFE. Danielle brings real-world geological and science policy expertise to the Center. After obtaining her Master of Science in structural geology and geological mapping, Danielle worked as a geologist for the Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Geological Survey, and the U.S. Geological Survey. Prior to her master’s research, she served as a Policy Associate for the American Geosciences Institute and worked for the American Geophysical Union. Her multi-faceted career provides her with insights into the science and policies informing all aspects of the critical minerals supply chain, from discovery and extraction to development and manufacturing.

Zoe Oysul

Policy Analyst, SAFE

Marla Westervelt

Director of Policy, The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility

Ashley Simmons

Director of Strategic Communications, The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility

Rachel Aland

Manager, Transportation Strategy at The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility

Dominic Mathew

Shared Mobility Policy Manager, The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility

Ellery Saluck

Chief of Staff

Allison Shane

Critical Minerals Research Fellow

David Schneider

Programming and Policy Associate

Russell Glynn

Policy Associate, The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility

Fendey Jean-Baptiste

Membership & Special Projects Coordinator, The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility

Kate Ito

Policy Associate, The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility

Akua Assata

Staff Assistant

Medina O’Rourke

Manager of Grants and Development Research


The Energy Security Leadership Council

The Energy Security Leadership Council (ESLC) brings together some of America’s most prominent business and military leaders to support a comprehensive, long-term policy to reduce U.S. oil dependence and improve energy security.