Unlocking 21st Century Mobility System: How to Rethink the Future of Mobility and Restore Leadership in Transportation Innovation

This seminal report from SAFE’s Coalition for Reimagined Mobility (ReMo) aims to reset the narrative around transportation innovation on the premise that bold action and coordinated commitment among a diverse set of stakeholders is necessary to unlock the potential of mobility enabling technologies that benefit society and the planet at-large and improve people’s daily lives.  […]

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SAFE Case Study Finds Electric, Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAVs) Could Significantly Reduce Air and Noise Pollution in Cities

Cruise Origin turning a corner.

The latest case study from SAFE’s Center for Automated Transportation Technology (CATT) shows that modest deployment of electric, shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs) would result in noise and air pollution reductions, especially in disadvantaged communities, where these impacts are often disproportionately concentrated.   The case study, “Environmental and Equity Implications of Electric, Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAVs) in […]

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SAFE Report: U.S. Must Address Power Grid Vulnerability, Transmission Infrastructure To Ensure Secure Energy Transition

Washington, D.C. (September 26, 2023)—Today, SAFE’s Grid Security Project (GSP) released a report, Grid in Peril: The Problem Statement, detailing the significant risks that threaten the U.S. electrical power grid’s ability to provide reliable and resilient electric power. This report outlines the confluence of current and emerging challenges facing this essential infrastructure as the U.S. […]

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SAFE Report Analyzes Global Insights for Restoring America’s Aluminum Industry

From SAFE’s Center for Strategic Industrial Materials (C-SIM), the report, “Global Insights: Energy and Environmental Aluminum Solutions,” examines what the U.S. and allies can learn from aluminum manufacturing policies around the world to overcome challenges to the aluminum industry’s viability, including high energy costs, price volatility, and strategic market manipulation by Beijing. Beijing, recognizing the […]

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SAFE Report Examines Trade Policy for the U.S. Aluminum Industry

From SAFE’s Center for Strategic and Industrial Materials (C-SIM) the report, “Political Tailwinds: Examining Trade Policy for the U.S. Aluminum Industry” examines how aluminum trade has been disputed, tariffed, monitored, traced, and capped, over the last decade. The most recent three presidential administrations have dealt with these issues multilaterally, bilaterally, and independently. While trade policy related to […]

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