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When you make a donation to SAFE, you are contributing to America’s energy security. Armed with a deep understanding of the issues combined with expert policy recommendations, our network of advocates work to deliver results that benefit our country and its citizens. Donors like you play an important role at SAFE and receive invitations to exclusive events with influential business and military leaders, access to high-level research and reports, and regular and breaking updates from SAFE’s leadership.


Energy Security is Your Economic Security

“U.S. oil dependence exposes consumers, and the economy at large, to the volatility of the global oil market. Oil dependence is one of the United States’ greatest economic risks and is unsustainable. The country must mobilize and take action to finally address this problem.”
Frederick W. Smith, Chairman, President and CEO of FedEx Corporation and Co-Chair of SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Council

Energy Security is Our National Security

“Our overwhelming reliance on oil as a transportation fuel means our servicemen and women must accept the burden of securing the world’s oil supply lines to protect against supply disruptions and economically devastating price spikes. The more we do here at home to lessen our reliance on oil, the more we help our soldiers abroad.”
General James Conway (Ret.), 34th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps and Co-chair of SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Council