SAFE Commends Congressional Passage of CHIPS and Science Funding

Washington, D.C. After the House passed the CHIPS and Science Act, sending it to President Biden’s desk for signature, SAFE President and CEO Robbie Diamond made the following statement:  

“Passage of this landmark legislation will help ensure America’s continued global leadership in semiconductor technology, spur domestic chip production, and reduce our dependence on vulnerable overseas supply chains. America created the semiconductor industry as we responded to the Soviet threat during the Cold War, and it remains vital to our national security. Today, while we continue to lead in chip design and many areas, we no longer produce the most advanced chips required to power the technologies of tomorrow such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, 5G, and electric and autonomous vehicles that SAFE has championed to end oil dependence. These are produced by our friends and allies in East Asia. This dependence, in light of the threat Beijing poses to the region and to our supply chain, puts our economic and national security at risk. The CHIPS legislation will help put America back at the leading edge of semiconductor manufacturing and reduce this dangerous vulnerability.  

“The bill also includes a 25 percent tax credit for investment in semiconductor manufacturing to provide a predictable, longer-term incentive to build on the CHIPS Act momentum, advocated by SAFE.  

“Once the President signs the CHIPS and Science Act into law, the hard work begins for the Commerce Department and the semiconductor industry, who will have to implement this complex and challenging legislation and build new manufacturing capacity. In that light, we are pleased the bill contains a provision that SAFE has urged to speed up construction of new semiconductor foundries (or “fabs”) by qualifying semiconductor and other technology infrastructure projects for expedited environmental review and permitting under Title 41 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.    

“We applaud the bipartisan coalition that produced the CHIPS Act and delivered to the President’s desk a package that will strengthen our economic and national security and create thousands of high technology jobs for Americans.” 

SAFE and the American Semiconductor Center have actively supported the passage of CHIPS funding. Most recently: 

  • Members of SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Council called on Congress to push CHIPS funding over the finish line in a letter to House and Senate leadership here 
  • Center co-chairs Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, USN (Ret.) and Michael R. Splinter published an op-ed on MarketWatch making the case for urgent Congressional action.  
  • The Center brought together government officials and semiconductor experts for an event to discuss the way ahead on the CHIPS Act.  


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