American Semiconductor Center

American Semiconductor Center

Loss of America’s semiconductor leadership would be an avoidable strategic mistake that would endanger our economic and national security.

SAFE’s American Semiconductor Center aims to strengthen the U.S. and allied semiconductor ecosystem and safeguard our economic and national security at a time of market change and strategic competition.  The Center brings together partners from the semiconductor industry, end-users, senior business and military leaders, and allied and friendly governments.

While the world grapples with multiple semiconductor and global supply chain issues, the American Semiconductor Center is largely focused on:

  • Strengthening the Fabless and Pure-play foundry eco-system.
  • Protecting critical overseas supply chains with Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Europe, and Israel.
  • Building American semiconductor manufacturing together with friendly & allied industry.
  • Accelerating the shift from legacy chips—in particular for military, automotive, and industrial use—to true 21th century capabilities, 28 nm and below.

Through high-value events and effective outreach to top-tier decision-makers, the Center is dedicated to building awareness on these critical issues and strengthening America’s semiconductor ecosystem.

Media & Events

Taking Stock of Semiconductors

CHIPS Act and Onward: Next Steps to Reshore Semiconductor Manufacturing

SAFE’s American Semiconductor Center Urges Passage of Vital Semiconductor Provisions in China Competition Bills

Center Leadership   

Michael Splinter, Co-Chair American Semiconductor Center

Former Chairman and CEO, Applied Materials

Admiral Jonathan Greenert, USN (Ret.), Co-Chair American Semiconductor Center

30th Chief of Naval Operations

Admiral Dennis Blair, USN (Ret.), Chairman, SAFE

Led U.S. Pacific Command and served as President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence.

Dr. Jeffrey Jeb Nadaner, EVP, Government & Public Affairs + Executive Director, SAFE Commanding Heights

Defense Department lead in CHIPS Act passage and previously Vice President of Engineering, Lockheed Martin.

Senator Byron Dorgan (Ret.), Government Affairs Lead, SAFE

Served in the U.S. Senate for 18 years and in House of Representatives for 12 years.

Peter Flory, Senior Fellow, SAFE Commanding Heights

Served in senior positions in Pentagon,  NATO HQ, and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and has deep experience in semiconductor legislation.


The American Semiconductor Center is a project of the Commanding Heights Initiative.