Oil’s Unbelievable Fall Must Spark US Energy Dominance Rethink

Oil prices falling to -$37 must provoke policymakers to rethink what energy dominance looks like—as it is clear the U.S. economy is reliant upon a commodity beyond American control and dominated by countries that do not share our priorities, writes General James T. Conway, 34th Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps and Robbie Diamond, President and CEO […]

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Coronavirus-OPEC One-Two Punch Shows Need for U.S. Energy Dominance

American oil companies, already drowning in debt and struggling with the impacts of coronavirus, were blindsided by the recent Saudi-led price war. General James Conway, 34th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, and John Lehman, former U.S. Secretary of the Navy, say Covid-19 and the Saudi-led price war show the U.S. needs a plan for […]

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Federal funding for Chinese buses risks our national security

China is America’s single largest strategic rival, working to undermine U.S. authority on the global stage by taking control of a variety of critical emerging industries — the electric vehicle (EV) industry in particular. Beijing has declared capturing the EV supply chain to be a strategic priority, but Congress has a chance to counter this […]

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