Reduce the Pentagon’s Dependence on China by Recharging US Battery, Electronics Industry

It is time to lift the fog of wishful thinking on U.S. security vulnerabilities, and Congress can take several steps in the upcoming NDAA. A growing bipartisan consensus recognizes the scale of the Chinese Communist Party challenge. This should not be a tough call – or a tough vote. Congress has the opportunity and power […]

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Congress must pass $8 Billion USPS electrification proposal to jump-start US EV leadership

To break China’s EV supply chain hold and eliminate this national security vulnerability, the United States must move swiftly to electrify large sections of its vehicle fleet, creating the market demand that stimulates upstream investment in this country. The United States Postal Service next generation delivery vehicles is a good place to start. The current […]

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USPS Delivery Vehicle Decision Plays Directly Into China’s Hands

As electric vehicles become more prominent in our landscape, there is a huge battle underway for the inside of every electric vehicle. And while it may not seem like an important part of this international technology fight, the recent United States Postal Service’s much-anticipated contract to replace its current fleet of iconic delivery vehicles has […]

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