America’s Energy Challenge: From Crisis to Opportunity

Many Americans believed that our country had achieved a degree of energy independence, if not dominance, based on increasing domestic oil production. We became complacent about the fundamental energy security challenges the U.S. has faced for nearly a half-century that never really went away. Consequently, America has mostly postponed the long-term solution, which is ending oil dependence through fuel diversification.

The ongoing war in Ukraine and corresponding energy price spikes have reminded us again of the risks of being overly reliant on a single fuel source for transportation – a source whose supply and price can be impacted by nations that do not share U.S. interests or values.

On April 5th, SAFE Commanding Heights brought together an expert panel to discuss the immediate policy options and long-term solutions to address our persistent energy challenges. The intersection between economics and national security has never been greater for this crucial supply chain.

Read the transcript here.

Watch the discussion below.

  • Admiral Michelle J. Howard, USN (Ret.), former Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and U.S. Naval Forces Africa
  • Congressman Jason Crow, D-CO
  • Bob McNally, President, Rapidan Energy Group
  • Robbie Diamond, Founder & CEO, SAFE
  • Dr. Jeb Nadaner, Executive Vice President of Government & Public Affairs at SAFE, Executive Director of SAFE’s Commanding Heights Initiative