SAFE Welcomes the Department of the Interior Interagency Working Group’s Recommendations on Mining Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, the US Department of the Interior (DOI) released the results of the Interagency Working Group’s (IWG) Recommendations on Mining Reform. Abigail Wulf, Vice President and Director of SAFE’s Center for Critical Minerals Strategy, issued the following statement: 

 “The global economy, the energy transition, and our economic and national security all depend on access to secure and resilient mineral supply chains. The US cannot do this alone, but we also cannot remain on the sidelines as a minerals producer. Today’s report helps distill the steps we must take to own our mineral destiny. 

“Many of the findings in today’s report align closely with SAFE’s recommendations—which prioritize transparency and high standards to create a global race to the top, including early and proactive community engagement, leveraging royalty proceeds to alleviate the social and environmental impacts of mining, and better coordination of the permitting process. 

 “We applaud the IWG’s diligence, thoroughness, and perspective as it lays a path forward for responsible domestic mining—and look forward to continued collaboration with leaders in Congress and the federal agencies as we study the proposals and work towards implementing best practices to ultimately increase critical mineral exploration and development here at home.” 

As SAFE continues to push for comprehensive permitting reform this fall, we look forward to the IWG’s plan to develop permitting performance metrics by December 2023. SAFE supports the development of a coordinated governmental website to center all mining advances, as well as the IWG’s recommendation to pass Good Samaritan legislation.  

SAFE’s Center for Critical Minerals Strategy released its flagship report, “A Global Race to the Top: Using Transparency to Secure Critical Mineral Supply Chains” in April 2023. The group convenes leading mineral producers and processors, national governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders to advocate for the following: 

  • Securing responsible supply chains for critical minerals and materials necessary for the transportation, energy, and technology innovations of the future. 
  • Establishing a new social compact for responsible mineral production and processing both at home and among our allies. 
  • Promoting a thriving critical minerals-based economy within the United States for transportation, energy, and technology industries reliant upon critical minerals, including establishing marketplace for ethically and sustainably sourced goods. 


 About SAFE 

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