Electrification Roadmap

This comprehensive report outlines a vision for a fully integrated electric drive network in the United States. The Electrification Roadmap examines the challenges facing electrification, including battery technology and cost, infrastructure financing, regulatory requirements, electric power sector interface, and consumer acceptance issues. The Roadmap provides policymakers and business leaders with a framework for overcoming these […]

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A National Strategy for Energy Security (2008)

The recommendations contained within A National Strategy for Energy Security — Recommendations to the Nation on Reducing U.S. Oil Dependence are designed to counter an increasingly inescapable reality: Oil dependence poses a grave threat to America’s national security and economic strength. The Energy Security Leadership Council believes that America’s energy security can be fundamentally improved through major reductions in […]

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What Would $120 Oil Mean for the Global Economy?

This report gives an overview of the broad economic effects of a scenario in which oil prices surge to $120 a barrel due to coordinated terrorist attacks on global oil transportation infrastructure. In this paper, Dr. Robert Wescott—former Chief Economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisers—examines the effects of a significant oil price spike.  […]

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