2012 Congressional Briefing Book

Securing America’s Future Energy believes the nation’s dependence on oil is one of the single greatest threats to our long-term security and prosperity.

Events over the past year have again made crystal clear the serious and ongoing threats posed by our nation’s dependence on petroleum. From increasing geopolitical tensions in oil-rich regions of the world, to a trade deficit in crude oil and refined products that was over $320 billion in 2011, the nation’s inability to truly address energy security compromises our national security and threatens our economic well-being.

SAFE’s Congressional Briefing Book represents an in-depth introduction to—and analysis of—oil dependence and the threats it poses. The briefing includes data regarding:

  • Fundamentals of the global oil market, including consumption, production, prices and reserves;
  • U.S. oil dependence, including the economic and national security costs;
  • The role of public policy, including oil intensity, vehicle efficiency, domestic oil production, and research and development; and
  • Alternative vehicle technologies, including natural gas vehicles, biofuels and electric drive vehicles.

SAFE has laid out an ambitious plan to advance energy security in the United States, with an approach focused on expanded domestic oil and natural gas production, improvements in fuel efficiency, and a long-term shift in the transportation sector toward electrification light-duty vehicles and natural gas for heavy-duty trucks. Breaking oil’s stranglehold on our economy would represent a substantial strategic and economic victory for the country.