Securing America's Future Energy

National Strategy for Energy Security: The Innovation Revolution



The United States’ near-total dependence on oil to power our mobility destabilizes our economy and weakens our national security. Fortunately, America is on the cusp of an innovation revolution, one in which increased fuel diversity in transportation improves our energy security and the rapid emergence of driverless cars enhances safety and redefines mobility for millions.

On May 19, 2016 Securing America’s Future Energy will launch its National Strategy for Energy Security: The Innovation Revolution. Ensuring that our nation remains on the path to greater energy security, especially given today’s volatile global oil market, will require effective policies that call on our abundant natural resources while transforming our outdated transportation system. The report will offer policy recommendations that respond to the unfree nature of the global oil market and position our country’s transportation sector for a timely and significant shift away from petroleum fuels, especially through the effective deployment of driverless cars.

The United States currently finds itself in an exceptional position of strength in its ability to influence both the domestic and international energy landscapes. Through robust analysis, SAFE’s National Strategy will propose policies that seize this opportunity to secure real, lasting change while we are most capable, ensuring our nation remains on a path to sustained prosperity.

Event begins at 9 a.m.

Special Guests

Frederick W. Smith, Chairman
President and CEO, FedEx Corporation; co-Chair, Energy Security Leadership Council

General James T. Conway (Ret.)
34th Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps; co-Chair, Energy Security Leadership Council

Admiral Dennis C. Blair (Ret.)
Former Director, National Intelligence

Congressman Kevin Cramer

John Krafcik
CEO, Google Self Driving Cars

NVIDIA Corporation

Dr. Jeremy Brown
Director, Office of Emergency Care Research, National Institutes of Health

Josh Switkes
CEO, Peloton Technology

Joseph Kopser
President, moovel Group (RideScout)

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