Upcoming DC Energy Security Events

Featured Event:


April 12
The US Navy & Cutting Edge Energy Innovation in the Defense Sector
Join the Atlantic Council and The Fuse for a panel discussion on energy technology and innovation in the U.S. defense sector.


April 6
America’s Future Natural Gas Economy: Promoting the Next Energy Breakthrough
Join the Hudson Institute as they host a panel discussion on how America’s abundance of shale natural gas represents a historic opportunity for the United States to achieve a burst of clean economic growth—and gives American energy security and independence a new meaning.

Johns Hopkins SAIS

April 11
Energy and Geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean
John Hopkins SAIS will host Sir Michael Leigh, a senior fellow with the German Marshall Fund, for a discussion on energy and geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean.



April 12
Regional Energy Update: Brazil and Venezuela
The Center for Strategic and International Studies and National Security Program is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion on regional energy developments in Latin America, with a focus on Brazil and Venezuela.


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