Event: Meeting The Moment: Understanding America’s Energy and Transportation Transition

This congressional session has produced landmark legislation – the Inflation Reduction Act(IRA), the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), and the CHIPS Act – covering broad array of transportation, infrastructure, supply chain challenges. Many of these bills’ provisions reflect long-standing SAFE and EC proposals. Collectively they help move America closer to achieving our core mission of reducing dependence on oil for transportation by accelerating the shift towards more diverse, secure, and reliable sources of energy. They establish a critical base of industrial capabilities and policies that will enable the transition to an electric transportation future over the longer term.

Watch the webinar here:


  • Opening Remarks – Admiral Dennis Blair, SAFE Chairman and Energy Security Leadership Council member
  • Moderator – Robbie Diamond, CEO, SAFE & EC
  • EV Vehicles – Ben Prochazka, Executive Director, EC
  • EV Battery Sourcing and Supply Chain– Abigail Wulf, Center for Critical Minerals Strategy
  • Electric Grid Security and Charging Infrastructure – Katherine Stainken, VP Policy, EC
  • Aluminum Production and Materials Production – Joe Quinn, SAFE Center for Strategic Industrial Materials
  • Semiconductors – Peter Flory, Senior Fellow, American Semiconductor Center