Texas Outages Demonstrate Need For Supergrid, Energy Storage Provisions In Infrastructure Package

Washington, D.C.—Responding to the power outages in Texas due to the freezing temperatures in the state, SAFE President and CEO Robbie Diamond made the following statement:

“Texas is suffering under the cascading crises of cold and COVID, and provides a sobering lesson of what can happen to communities when problems pile up and affect the grid. While planning and preparedness is important, proposals such as the nationwide Supergrid—a network of high-voltage transmission lines that can quickly supply power to where it is needed—and energy storage options that feed power into the grid when necessary, can mitigate significant outages such as this. These provisions must be funded in upcoming infrastructure legislation.”

“As vehicle electrification increases, keeping grids running in times of crisis will take on even greater importance—but this also provides an opportunity. Electric school buses and other heavy-duty EVs, grounded by bad weather, can supply ample energy stored in their large batteries back to the grid through vehicle-to-grid technology, providing temporary power to homes in need. We have the technologies and solutions to mitigate grid disruption. All we need to do now is implement them,” Diamond added.

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