SAFE Welcomes Final Vehicle Emissions Rule Balancing Stringency and Flexibility in Reducing Oil Dependence

Washington, D.C.—In response to the finalized light and medium duty vehicle emissions rule released today by the EPA, Robbie Diamond, Founder, President, and CEO of SAFE issued the following statement:

“This rule is the federal government’s largest program for reducing our oil dependence—and its importance to our long-term economic and national security cannot be overstated. Since the organization was founded nearly 20 years ago, SAFE has promoted robust fuel efficiency rules as part of a comprehensive plan which also included high standard domestic production and a diversification of fuels for transportation.

The auto industry and electric vehicle technology have made incredible advancements, and the nation is more secure and prosperous as a result. Both ends of the political spectrum should embrace the transformations in vehicle technology and domestic manufacturing that have resulted from this program combined with other policy efforts to break oil’s monopoly on our transportation system while maintaining consumer choice.

We look forward to a careful review of the final rulemaking, and to working with OEMs and suppliers on an EV manufacturing and deployment strategy that pushes for rapid adoption with transparent, secure, and high-integrity mineral and battery supply chains.”

About SAFE

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