SAFE Taps Jeb Nadaner To Lead Commanding Heights And Abigail Wulf for Critical Minerals

Jeffrey Nadaner will lead SAFE’s Commanding Heights of Global Transportation while also serving as SAFE Executive Vice President of Government & Public Affairs; Abigail Wulf will head the newly-created Ambassador Alfred Hoffman, Jr. Center for Critical Minerals Strategy.

Washington, D.C.—SAFE is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Jeb Nadaner has joined to lead the Commanding Heights of Global Transportation while also serving as SAFE Executive Vice President of Government & Public Affairs, and Abigail Wulf to head the Hoffman Critical Minerals Center.

Jeb previously served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy.  He played a leading role in Congressional passage of the bipartisan landmark CHIPS Semiconductors Act—to increase U.S. and allied microelectronics production. Earlier, he also held key positions in Republican and Democratic administrations, including serving several Secretaries of Defense and State, and Attorneys General.

“My experience, particularly at the Pentagon during the COVID-19 crisis mobilizing fragile supply chains, underscored to me the importance of SAFE’s pioneering efforts to develop robust, secure supply chains in crucial industrial sectors to safeguard our economy and national security. I am pleased to join SAFE to help move forward bipartisan national efforts to ensure that the vehicles, energy, and electronic devices we Americans buy are made in our country and those of our allies. It is critical that good well-paying skilled jobs be here and that we not become hostage to any Chinese attempt to cut us off from the batteries, vital materials, and microelectronics that enable our economy and society to run,” he said.

Abigail previously served as Senior Science Communicator for Research within NASA’s Earth Science Division, connecting scientists, communicators, and agency leadership. Prior to NASA, she served as Policy Manager for the American Geosciences Institute, where she co-led its Minerals Science and Information Coalition—a broad-based alliance of organizations representing all stages of the critical minerals supply chain.

The Center for Critical Minerals Strategy aims to:

  • Secure supply chains outside of China for critical minerals and materials necessary for the transportation, energy, and technology innovations of the future
  • Promote a thriving critical minerals-based economy within the United States for the 21st-century industries that rely upon these raw materials, including establishing a marketplace for ethically and sustainably sourced goods
  • Establish a new social compact for responsible mineral production and processing both at home and among our allies

“Our world is shifting from a petroleum past to a connected, electric future built on batteries and critical minerals. From EVs to 5G, the United States is behind in a race that—until recently—few realized even existed. We must get to work at home and with our allies to secure and clean up the entire supply chain of these vital commodities to ensure we are not reliant upon, or beholden to, nations like China that threaten our economic and national security. SAFE has been an early and vocal proponent of securing these supply chains, and I am pleased to be working with them on this crucial endeavor,” Abigail added.

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