SAFE Launches New Vehicle-to-Grid Initiative with Roundtable Event

Washington, D.C.— Today, SAFE, and its Grid Security Project, launched a new Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Initiative, in which it intends to help advance V2G applications on a more widespread basis.

The V2G initiative was kicked off today by a joint SAFE-Electrification Coalition (EC) roundtable event that is intended to identify the key policy and regulatory challenges and solutions that will facilitate the more widespread deployment of V2G and bi-directional charging capabilities. The roundtable featured more than 50 participants representing OEMs, electric utilities, electric vehicle (EV) charging providers, fleet operators, equipment manufacturers, academic experts, decision makers, and more. The key findings and recommendations emerging from this roundtable will form the basis for a forthcoming SAFE report on this topic.

“We are excited to launch this V2G Initiative, informed by this expert roundtable. We are on the verge of a historic transition toward a future that is electric, connected, and shared, and innovations such as V2G promise to expedite this transition, improve the resilience and reliability of our electric system, reduce our dependence on oil, and thereby help enhance our energy security. We look forward to sharing the policy recommendations with federal and state policy makers,” said Robbie Diamond, President and CEO of SAFE.

The roundtable, which was conducted under Chatham House rules (i.e., not for attribution) focused on the key near-term challenges that are preventing the widespread deployment of V2G applications and bi-directional capabilities. The participants proposed policy solutions ranging from the near-term, to long-term recommendations for sustainable development and deployment of V2G technologies.

“SAFE’s solutions-oriented leadership is helping us reach beyond the gap that remains when we only focus on policy mantras like `green the grid’ and `electrify everything.’  To assure affordability and resilience, our clean energy economy requires rapid investment at the seams of the grid and transportation sectors, where vehicle-grid integration assures gigawatts of storage on wheels can be tapped when we need it most,” said Dr. Holmes Hummel, Founder of Clean Energy Works.

“Our nation’s recent experiences in California and Texas have demonstrated the need to leverage a range of technological solutions, combined with effective policies and leadership, to create a more resilient grid, particularly in the face of anticipated future extreme weather events that we know will increase in frequency and severity over time. V2G technology holds great potential to help provide power, in times of crisis,” added General Carlton D. Everhart II, the former commander of Air Mobility Command and a member of SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Council.


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