SAFE EVP Outlines Supply Chain Risks To U.S. Security In Hudson Institute Paper

Washington, D.C.—In a new paper for the Hudson Institute, Jeffrey Jeb Nadaner, the executive vice-president of government and public affairs at SAFE and the executive director of SAFE’s Commanding Heights program, warns of the risks to U.S. economic and national security stemming from America’s offshored supply chains.

In the paper, co-authored with the Hon. Ellen Lord, formerly the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment, Nadaner notes that the supply chains for critical minerals and semiconductors—both of which are crucial for U.S. weapons systems, electric vehicle (EV) motors, and other high-tech applications—are beyond U.S. influence and controlled by adversaries.

If the U.S. does not prioritize and scale up its domestic semiconductor production, Nadaner writes in the paper, “We will have frightening vulnerability to foreign cut-offs whose impact would make our COVID-related shortages look miniscule.”

“Congress would be far-sighted to authorize and appropriate money to support rare earths and critical minerals processing in the United States. If this processing remains overseas, we don’t secure access to materials for high-tech applications—and without this, we bring fewer good-paying jobs back to our communities,” he added.

To deal with these and other issues, from U.S. shipbuilding to workforce training, the Hudson Institute paper, A 21st Century Defense Industrial Strategy for America, proposes an approach that:

  • Reshores the defense industrial base and supply chains to the United States and to allies, starting with microelectronics, and restore our shipbuilding base.
  • Builds a modern manufacturing and engineering workforce and research and development (R&D) base.
  • Continues to modernize the defense acquisition process to fit 21st century realities.
  • Finds new ways to partner private sector innovation with public sector resources and demand.

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