New Report Identifies the Opportunities and Barriers to Unlocking the Potential of a 21st Century Mobility System

Bold action and coordinated commitment key to address global transportation challenges and improve how people and goods move 

Washington D.C., January 8, 2023The Coalition for Reimagined Mobility (ReMo), a global initiative of the nonprofit SAFE, committed to advancing solutions to shape transportation systems that are better for people and planet, released a new report today to reset the narrative around transportation innovation and identify the bold and collective action necessary to unleash the potential of mobility enabling technologies to improve the movement of people and goods.

The new report, Unlocking a 21st Century Mobility System: How to Rethink the Future of Mobility and Restore Leadership in Transportation Innovation, tackles head on the barriers to and opportunities for achieving a mobility future that addresses the major transportation challenges of our time from consumer demand and acceptance, to market realities and the changing landscape of global competitiveness, with policies that that address emissions and air quality, oil dependence and national security, and system efficiency, while enhancing safety,  access, opportunity, and human flourishing.

“New mobility enabling technologies and services have the potential to be force multipliers, but that will not happen overnight, and it won’t happen organically,” said ReMo Executive Director Avery Ash. “This report addresses the hard truths that change will only happen when the private and public sector work together effectively to enact bold solutions. This report lays the groundwork for ReMo’s future work identifying policy recommendations and convening stakeholders that will help shape and deliver a 21st century mobility future.”

The report further addresses that the United States and its allies are falling behind as the global leaders in the development, testing and deployment of innovative transportation technologies. This includes autonomous vehicles, electrification, vehicle connectivity, new mobility models, and the application and use of advanced data analytics, along with the components, infrastructure, and technology that powers these innovations. Without coordinated action, the automotive and transportation technology sectors of the U.S. and its allies will continue to watch from the sidelines as a global competitor like China position themselves to control the critical industries that will define this century and reap the many benefits of reimagined mobility and industrial capacity.

“The future of mobility has implications far beyond any one industry because of the deep connection between the security and economic challenges tied to transportation and energy,” said SAFE Founder, President, and CEO Robbie Diamond. “This report breaks through the siloed, narrow, and counterproductive debates about the future of mobility that are holding the U.S. and its allies back from effectively competing on a global stage with China, and it articulates a vision for a future where the U.S. and its allies remain the global pace setters in transportation technology innovation and are able to reindustrialize.”

The themes of the report have global application, however the report primarily, but not exclusively, leverages examples and data that relate to non-rural areas and populations in the United States. While the defining technologies of a 21st century mobility system are likely to share many common characteristics and trends across the globe, to what extent they are adopted and in what combination will look very different across regions, populations, cultures, and environments to unlock new safer, cheaper, cleaner, more efficient mobility options for all. ReMo plans to release reports covering other geographies over the coming months.

Download ReMo’s new report: Unlocking a 21st Century Mobility System: How to Rethink the Future of Mobility and Restore Leadership in Transportation Innovation.


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