Grid Security Project

As our transportation system prepares for a shift away from a gasoline and analog past to an electrified, digitized future, maintaining the reliability and resilience of our power grid will take on an even greater strategic importance.

SAFE’s Grid Security Project aims to enhance the reliability of our nation’s electric grid by incentivizing innovation and investment through greater competition, rather than remaining solely reliant on the current incumbents. In an era of heightened physical and cyber threats, creating a robust and secure power grid has never been more important.

To achieve the goals of greater resilience and reliability, the Grid Security Project advocates for the deployment of grid modernization technologies and capabilities including smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure, a wider deployment of microgrids, and increased R&D for future grid security enhancements.


Electrification Infrastructure

Successfully electrifying our nation’s vehicle fleet hinges upon a widespread deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Installing a wide variety of charging stations—from standard Level 2 infrastructure that fully charges a vehicle in four hours to direct-current fast charging that can almost fully recharge an electric vehicle battery in under 20 minutes—will prepare the country for a switch to electrified transportation, while also boosting consumer confidence in this new technology.


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