Get America Moving Again

Alongside its tragic human cost, COVID-19 has illuminated the vulnerabilities of our economy, with more than 30 million Americans losing their jobs in just six weeks. To catalyze the country’s recovery and strengthen the U.S. economy, Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) is launching Get America Moving Again, a detailed plan to stimulate the economy and lay the foundation for continued, sustained growth.

Get America Moving Again emphasizes the need to enhance American economic competitiveness and security by focusing on critical supply chains in transportation and energy that will position the United States to maintain its industrial leadership—and removing the threat of other nations leveraging their supply chains over our economic and national security future.

The proposal contains detailed policies to enhance job creation and create economic growth opportunities, ensure people can travel to work again safely and affordably, bolster the reliability and resilience of our energy and transportation sectors, and strengthen U.S. national security by decoupling from a volatile oil market and investing in domestic supply chains.

SAFE has created this 15-point plan to help jump-start the energy and transportation sectors and see them through four critical stages to Get America Moving Again: rescue, recovery, stimulus, and preparation.

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