Fox Business: Industry group warns of Chinese connected vehicles

Now, a leading industry group, named Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), has made public their comments that the Commerce Department sought on the issue, describing the litany of risks to U.S. national security that the technology poses.

“Foreign adversaries are cornering and leveraging key supply chains to geopolitical and economic ends — with outcomes that could range from cyberattacks on U.S. soil to the gathering of sensitive information and strategic intelligence,” said Avery Ash, the Executive Director of SAFE’s Coalition for ReImagine Mobility (ReMo).

“The scope, scale, and urgency of this national security risk comes at the same time the automotive industry is experiencing a transformational shift. The focus should be on expediting the integration of these technologies to ensure their integrity while safeguarding them from vulnerabilities and disruptions from foreign adversaries,” Ash continued.

Read the full article: “Industry group warns of Chinese connected vehicles” (April 30, 2024)