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Bloomberg: California’s Long-Time Clean Air Cop Talks Trump, China and EVs

Bloomberg interviews the co-chair of SAFE’s Coalition for Reimagined Mobility Mary Nichols, at SAFE Summit 2024: “We spoke [with Nichols] on the sidelines of SAFE Summit, a conference that’s drawn investors, policymakers and executives from the auto, battery and mining industries to Washington this week to opine on electrification and the west’s economic competition with […]

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Washington Examiner: Hochstein talks China and IRA, US extends oil production lead, and Shell shifts on climate plans

White House envoy Amos Hochstein kicked off a two-day energy summit [SAFE Summit 2024] in D.C. this morning with a candid recounting of some of the Biden administration’s biggest victories and challenges, including competing with China on clean energy manufacturing and battery production and creating tensions with allies with the Inflation Reduction Act – privileged […]

Read More… Appian appoints strategic advisor on global affairs; partners with SAFE

Appian has also formed a partnership with SAFE’s Center for Critical Minerals Strategy, an organization of military and business leaders focused on the intersection of energy policy and national security. The partnership takes the form of a SAFE-Appian sub-committee on opportunities and risks in the critical mineral sector (SCOR), chaired by [the Rt. Hon. Dominic] […]

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The Hill: Biden admin partners with nonprofit on critical mineral supply chains

The State Department on Wednesday announced a partnership with the nonprofit SAFE on the development of critical mineral supply chains, part of broader Biden administration efforts to reduce foreign dependence on such resources. The partnership, the Minerals Investment Network for Vital Energy Security and Transition (MINVEST), will aim to marshal private sector support for U.S. mineral-security goals, […]

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