Securing America's Future Energy

Prachi Vakharia


Prachi Vakharia lives and works in Washington DC, where she works on Autonomous Vehicles, V2X technologies, digital and shared mobility projects, EV modelling and charging infrastructure in DC, NY and LA. Previously, she worked with the World Bank and mentored startup companies — 3 of which were acquired by Daimler AG (German auto maker of Mercedes Benz) for $100 million in a single deal on a single day. Prachi also chairs 3 committees for the National Academies of Sciences Transport Research Board, and was approached by SAE last year to serve as the first Global Chairperson for the development of new worldwide Digital & Shared Mobility Standards with SAE. Additionally, she serves on the advisory board of the International Association of Transport Regulators and three transportation software and hardware start-ups.

Beyond work, Prachi co-founded WOMANIUM – one of the most unique Science+Entrepreneurship organisations in USA that has worked with NASA, ARPA-E, NIH, Industries, etc. for women’s advancement in STEM+Entrepreneurship in domains ranging from Energy, Space, Astronomy, Computational Neuroscience, Industrial Additive Manufacturing (3-D Printing), Automation, Transportation to Nuclear Weapons Safety.

1111 19th Street, NW #406, Washington, DC 20036