Securing America's Future Energy

Gidon Feen

Director, Special Projects

Gidon Feen serves as Director of Special Projects in the Office of the CEO. In this role, he supports Robbie Diamond across various projects, leading the development of new initiatives and offering program insights. Prior to joining SAFE, Gidon was a management consultant at DRT Strategies, Inc., where he developed a knowledge management pilot for the leadership of the FDA.

Prior to DRT, Gidon worked on the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, organizing counties in Iowa and overseeing one third of Florida as part of the youth vote program. During the campaign, Gidon managed a combination of four university campuses, seventeen staff, and 130,000 potential student voters across more than 150 miles. His development of novel programming and campaign outreach resulted in thousands of registered voters. Gidon has also worked for the Podesta Group, where he coauthored a white paper on the 2020 census and provided extensive analysis on the political, economic, and social climate in African, European, and Middle Eastern countries in relation to American and business interests.

Gidon’s experience also includes an internship at the White House, supporting staff in the Office of Public Engagement and the National Security Council. There he assisted in organizing the opening event of the US-Africa Summit and coordinated President Obama’s meeting with the late Shimon Peres. He has also worked in the corporate offices of Apple, Inc. South Africa. Additionally, during his time in college, Gidon launched an innovative, multi-year campaign that led to his university implementing mandatory sexual assault prevention training for all incoming freshmen and the establishment of a Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.

A graduate of the George Washington University, Gidon was born in Jerusalem and raised across Israel, South Africa, and the United States. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs with a concentration in Security Policy.


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