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General Carlton D. Everhart

Commander, Air Mobility Command

Gen. Carlton D. Everhart II is Commander, Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. He is responsible for providing rapid global mobility and sustainment for America’s armed forces and partner nations. AMC projects U.S. military power to any point around the world and provides humanitarian response at home and abroad. As the Air Force’s lead command for air mobility, the 120,000 men and women of AMC – active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve and civilians – provide combat airlift, aerial refueling, air mobility support, and aeromedical evacuation with more than 1,100 aircraft from nine bases, 18 Wings, and 116 total force air mobility operating locations.

General Everhart received his commission in 1983 through the Air Force ROTC program at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He is a command pilot with more than 4,700 flight hours in numerous aircraft including the C-130E/H, C-17A, C-21A and KC-46A. He was the Air Force aide to the president of the United States and has commanded a squadron, group, wing, air operations center, two numbered air forces, and a major command. General Everhart has served in several senior staff positions at the White House, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, U.S. Transportation Command, and Headquarters Air Education and Training Command. Prior to his current assignment, General Everhart was the Commander of Eighteenth Air Force, the Air Force’s largest numbered Air Force.

General Everhart’s joint assignments include a deployment to Afghanistan as the Deputy Commander of Political-Military Affairs, Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan, where he was the direct liaison for the U.S. Ambassador and the Commander, International Security Assistance Force.

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