Securing America's Future Energy

Carl W. “Bill” Eger III

Energy Manager, City of Alexandria 

Bill Eger serves as the Energy Manager for the City of Alexandria (VA) where he leads the City’s multi-disciplinary Office of Energy Management team. As Energy Manager, Bill leads planning, engineering, programming, technical evaluation, policy development, education and outreach, and implementation of Alexandria’s energy efficiency, clean energy, green building, climate change mitigation/adaptation, resilience, and related sustainability initiatives.

In addition, Bill leads Alexandria’s energy, utility, and fuel resource acquisition; building energy and vehicular fuel use analytics, modeling, simulation, benchmarking, and reporting; energy efficiency and renewable energy project implementation programs; electric vehicle and public transit electrification programs; energy assurance and reliability planning, response to energy emergencies, and responsibility for emergency power system operations; community and neighborhood energy-use and greenhouse gas emission reduction planning; community energy efficiency, renewable energy, and education programs; clean-tech and sustainable economic development efforts; and serves as the City’s public utilities regulatory and policy expert and consumer advocate in public utility regulatory affairs. Finally, Bill leads various “smart cities” strategic planning initiatives on behalf of the City of Alexandria.

1111 19th Street, NW #406, Washington, DC 20036